“Don’t tell me” Video hits screens

2nd Video from the Roarness mixtape is finally here! 

You can check it out on Channel AKA. Vote Number 5675

and in the video section of this site.

Shouts to the Director Greg Bond, Cameramen Darren Rahaman & Greg Bond
and “A Shoot The Thrill Productions”

Much love to Mani and all the ravers at Bump @ Plan B in Brixton every Friday night. Its Live yo!! Go check it out!!


Lioness & Shystie Rock London Fashion Week

Earlier this week, Lioness and Shystie performed for Nasir Mazhar‘s impressive hat show for London Fashion Week. With everyone from VOGUE to VICE bigging up the female MCs, grime was witnessed in a completely different light…

The grime set that the two put on reflected the Caribbean-inspired colourful collection of hats – which featured built-in headphones, turbans and elaborate head bands. The underground venue was situated below Waterloo station on the platforms which once housed the Eurostar line.

The two grimey ladies proved that grime can mix with the best of them.

Words: Nardene Scott (@NardeneScott)

Photography: Becca Dudley (FIASCO)