Wow. I’m super gassed right now. Massive thank you to everyone who came out to 1xtra Live last night to see me and the girls Put. It. Down!! Big up to everyone that listened on the radio and those that watched on the red button ting.

1xtra live was a madness. If you havent checked out the performance its on the Video section of this site. Check it out right now!!

I got toooooo many people to shout out so bare with me….

Shouts to 1xtra for having us and thanks for all your support this year…
Shouts to my cubs in the audience I heard ya loud an clear….
Big up to Mikey J for the beat (Utter madness!) look forward to working with you again….
Shouts to the crew behind the scenes making ish happen mangers, crew, stylists, etc….

And I just wanna say a MASSIVE shout to my sisters.. Bratt, Roxxx, Dot, Blue & Lesh!!

They didnt think we could do it yo!, but look what we done!! SHUT DOWN!!

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